With Nanotechnology
Producing Catalysts with Less
            Precious Metal

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Namos Interview in Deutschlandfunk (German Only)

Together with partners Namos GmbH develops systems to eliminate residuals (i.e. pharmaceuticals) in waste water.

In this project, which is funded by the german government the company succeeded to accelerate catalytical processes by more than a factor of two by using a unique layer construction.

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Our Special Know-How for Exhaust Gas and Water Purification

Catalysis is a big subject from basic science robust components.

Our special expertise lies in the essential key area of the catalyst: The design of active coatings, where we can gain higher functionality with lower need of expensive resources.

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What we can do for your

With our technologies we address manufacturers and system providers of exhaust gas and water purification products as well as end users looking for specific solutions.

Beyond that Namos offers research and development services in the area of surface technology, especially for catalysts and adsorbers.

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